Money is no longer king

Or at least that’s how the modern world wants it to be. I’m not so keen to have everything become digital. To have all my pennies as a string of numbers in some electronic vault.

Do the guys that come up with these wonderful inventions truly think about the consequences of what to do if it all goes wrong?

In the UK, Sainsbury’s have brought out their first store to be cash-free and to a point cashier-free. Sounds great, if you want to go in, grab what you like, pay and go. Which most with busy lifestyles enjoy. But has anyone thought about the older generation, which I know from experience, like to come in and have a good chat with the cashier whilst their bags are packed. Sometimes the shop workers are the only interaction these folks have.


And what about if there’s a power cut? How does this spang-dangling, singing and dancing technology fair then? Hows the in-a-rush customer going to feel when they’re stood waiting for the tech to reboot? And believe me power cuts do happen. I’ve seen it, a reboot in my old job could take ten minutes.

It’s great that tech is making our lives easier and simpler, but it’s also making us lazy. For example: We can now wield our cards or phones like money empowered swords. Swiping and zapping here, there and everywhere. But every now and then, the tech wants you to input your pin, and already I’ve had a customer unable to remember their number as they’ve got so used to waving their magic card wand around.

I find it all very scary. Many shops are already cashless, and I mean it is possible to want to go in and purchase an object for 50p or a £1.00. Do we really want to use a card or phone for such a small transaction?

It seems too easy to flash the card and out goes your money. But are we thinking about what we’re spending? Would you not act more frugal if you went to the pub with £30 cash in your pocket? You’re hard-earned pennies are leaking down the monetary sink so fast you can’t keep up. Let’s not give all the power to the banks, let’s keep cash alive!!

Featured Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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