Album 7 – Laid by James

James are an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982, but possibly became more popular in the 1990’s with their hit song Sit down.  

Laid is the fifth studio album from the band, released in 1993 and is my favourite album out of the fifteen they’ve released thus far.

Sometimes is an uptempo, foot stomping feel-good song that’s great to sing along too.  But my go-to karaoke song, which I have attempted in a pub fuelled by a couple of beers, has to be Laid.  It’s a fun song and great to belt out.

I also love the more mellow songs like Dream Thrum, One of the Three, PS, Everybody knows, and Knuckle too far.

Knuckle too far is so simple but great.  A low tempo guitar rift fits the low sung song, and it feels almost like you’re listening to the thump of a train on the tracks.  It has a country feel and builds with some lovely wailing guitar rifts.

It’s a fantastic album, not perhaps one you want to cruise in your car too, more a sit back, relax and listen to album.  One you can soak up, and perhaps lend a hand in letting creativity flow.


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