Album 15-Led Zeppelin remasters 1990

I grew up listening to this band, as it fit into my parents taste in music, but I probably didn’t really appreciate the songs or the band until I reached my teenage years, when I discovered an album entitled No Quarter.  It was released in 1994 by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and is a live album featuring all their classics with in some cases a twist. One of my fav songs on that album Gallows pole, starts off slow and builds and builds until it’s thrashing your speakers, like many of their other classics.  There’s also an ethnic feel to this album as it includes a Moroccan string band and Egyptian orchestra, which gives their classic songs an intriguing twist.

From this album I then pilfered my Dad’s album collection and began again listening to  their 1990 released best of album entitled Remasters. 

From the up-tempo rock-head-banging track ‘Communication Breakdown’ on disk one to the melodic anthem ‘In the evening’ that wrapped up the end of disk two, this album has a varied mix of Led Zeppelin classics. Maybe even enough to suit nearly anyone’s taste for rock and roll.

I must say ‘Whole lotta love‘, Led Zeppelin’s one and only chart hit record, ( to my knowledge), is probably my least favourite.  And if it’s the only song you know from the band.  You’re really missing out on what they have to offer.

Robert Plant croons and roars through this album, accompanied by some awesome guitar riffs from Jimmy Page.  Songs like ‘Babe, I’m going to leave you‘, go from an almost blues ballad style song to the rocking heights of twanging guitars fit for any head banger to enjoy.  It really is hard not to try to sing along or have a bash at a bit of the old air guitar.

I was fortunate enough to catch the duo touring in my local area after the release of the No Quarter album.  They were headlining a concert theatre that no longer exists in Cornwall now, known as the Cornwall Coliseum .  My parents booked us tickets and took me to see them and they were utterly awesome, what I could see at least as being five foot nothing, made it hard to see more than the tall fellow music lovers around me.   But they really rocked and I enjoyed every minute.


If you’ve never really tuned into this classic english rock band, I think a best of album is a great place to start, and an album I often reach for if I’m in the mood to rock it out and bellow at the top of my lungs.  A great stress reliever I can tell you!!

Babe, I’m going to leave you.

Ramble On.

Since I’ve been loving you.

Battle of Evermore.

Stairway to heaven.

The song remains the same.

No Quarter.


In the Evening.


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