Album 6 – Madonna – Confessions on a dance floor

The Queen of pop needs know introduction, she’s been churning out pop albums and songs for a long, long time.

I do not consider myself a mega-uber-Madonna fan, and I came into liking any of her music more in my twenties than my teens.

Her albums Ray of light and then Music, I enjoyed.  A few tracks on American Life were good, but when Confessions on a dance floor was released in 2005, I loved every second of it.  From beginning to end its a foot stomping dance classic.

I’m not a big pop music fan, and my tastes do veer towards the more alternative spectrum, but this album hit all the right head bopping spots for me.  Its bouncing all the way through without a ballad to be heard.

Madonna is a genius at hitting the charts with what the latest generation of music lovers like in genre at that said time, and I believe this album hit the charts right.  By changing her image, style and song choice, it’s always worked.  I’m not sure if it still works today, as I will admit I’m out of touch with whats in or out these days, and that’s possibly why her last albums although purchased by me, have been abandoned in the cupboard, unplayed and left out of any playlist I create.

I know her new album would have been released by the time this blog post is published, and I look forward to seeing what new and odd direction she’s gone in this time.



  1. I used to listen to a few of her songs. back when. I know I have ‘like a prayer and frozen’ on some of my play lists. But I’m not a devoted fan – and have no idea which albums those come from. I didn’t know she was still releasing new albums.

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