Role Playing

Now, I’m not talking about some kinky game you might decide to take up with your partner to spice things up.  If that’s what you do, go for it, I’ve no issue with it.  It’s just not the subject of my blog today.  So, apologies if I’ve disappointed anyone.

I’m talking about dragging yourself out of your writers comfort zone, and trying something new with one of your beloved characters.

There’s no need to keep them caged in that one story or series of stories you’ve written.  Letting them run riot on any number of subjects is brilliant for honing a characters development.  It could be as simple as changing a car tyre to sending them to the supermarket, to something more exciting like sending them on a quest of sorts.

My writing pal suggested I join a forum group on the writers group we both belong too, which is a great platform to basically allow your characters to go out and play.  You can send them into the cafe to chat to fellow characters you’ve never met before or play truth or dare.

We had two feisty co-characters that we both love and believed would make either a great partnership or potentially become enemies.  They met at the Cafe and from there we took them on a separate adventure.  Allowing them to spread their wings and take on the world in a quest of our own making.

It was a great experience, and became a mini-story.  We both discovered traits and vulnerabilities we hadn’t realised our characters had.


Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash.

It also helped me to allow creativity to flow whilst working on my main novel.  I’ve a habit of editing as I go and not just going with it.  A bad habit, it’s better to let the images flashing and swirling in your brain to come out as a coherent script of words, and then edit later.

We both realised that it’s something we’d like to do again, that our characters rubbed along nicely together.  It also made me think that perhaps when I finally do get this series of books out of my imagination and onto print.  The world I’m building could go on from there, maybe these co-characters could have adventures and stories of their own?

It has been a great experience, and I’d recommend giving it a go.  If you’d like to visit the Characters Playground, where we began our adventures.  You’ll find it on the Critiquers site Scribophile.  Which I’d also highly recommend to any budding writers beginning or part way through their creative journey.

Featured Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

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  1. I’ve participated in a prompt once where I took one of my side characters and wrote a piece where she was the main character. It was fun. Then there was another prompt where I was asked to write a piece where I was the main character in the story I was writing. That too was fun.
    I don’t edit when I write – it’s distracting – unless I find myself stumped at a scene. Then I start editing until I find the rhythm to go on.
    Great post!


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