Album 11-The best of Talking Heads

This is another band I discovered thanks to family.   Contagious songs that your ears cling to when young and you’re otherwise engaged with – in my case-playing with your My little ponies vs dinky metal cars.   I didn’t dig dolls, Barbie was not my thing at all.

Many moons later I bought the best of album for this eclectic American rock band.

Formed in New York in 1975, they were believed to be pioneers to new wave music and their songs were a mash-up of punk, funk, reggae, rock and world music.

The best of album includes a mixture of all of the above.

Psycho killer begins with a great heart-beat pounding bass, joined by guitar and then David Byrne’s almost lazy smooth vocal.

In contrast This must be the place, is in my opinion, a summer anthem, with an almost reggae feel.

Actually two songs I like don’t feature on this album.  One song: Swamp, I have fond memories of my Dad attempting to sing to on car journeys.  Especially the, I guess, chorus:

Hi hi hi hi hi hi,
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, 
Whoo ooo….
You have to hear the song to believe it.  It’s up there with my Father-in-law’s Karaoke version of the Ying Tang Song by the Goonies.
The second song: The facts of life.   Has some pretty crazy lyrics and is an odd choice of a song to like.   But that’s me, the more weird and wonderful it is, the more I like it.
Again check out this album if you haven’t already.



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