Is age just a number?

I often find myself bemused when I receive critiques on my writing as I’m told my characters don’t act their age?  Just because my character might be in their thirties, does that mean they can’t act or behave younger?  Did Bridget Jones or Miranda not come across as a bit silly at times?

From my own experience as a thirty-something woman myself, I can still act and be goofy and childish and I know people of all ages who behave exactly the same.  And if you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll see what I mean.

Maybe, and I’m sure I did this too, it’s a younger person’s perception of age?  I know I thought 60 was ancient when I was young, but now I know that’s far from true.  And with our population ever-growing and living longer, I truly do feel age is but a number and our personality, circumstances and outlook on life show how old we choose to act.

Feature Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash

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  1. I totally agree that age is just a number .. life is for us to live as madly, silly or sternly as we chose as long as we enjoy it.
    I was 53 recently and at a party where my gorgeous niece (21) and her boyfriend asked my age and said ‘how old???’ in great surprise! I was delighted.. but… was it ‘youthful looks’ or the fact that I was dressed as a black cat with sparkling whiskers, fluffy ears and tail armed with a glass of wine??
    It was great fun for a dressed up age group that ranged from 21 to 90! X

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