Interview with a character- Part One

I know the majority of my blog readers won’t have read my unpublished novel ‘The Golden Touch.’  But for fun, I’ve decided to make some interviews with characters from that novel.  I guess mainly it’s practice for me in getting to know my characters and how they’d react in different circumstances, but also it’s just for fun and hopefully my Beta readers will enjoy it too.

Interview with Melinda Hummer.

Juney List: “Hi, my name is Juney List, and I’m a reporter for Cast a spell weekly.  Today I’ve the pleasure of meeting Melinda Hummer, a 32-year-old amateur Sorceress from Exeter, who is relatively new to our world.”

Melinda Hummer clears her throat.

JL: “Yes, Melinda?”

MH: “You said you’d keep my name confidential?”

JL nods her head.  “I will, this is just for my records.  I’ll edit it later.”

MH: “O-kay.”

JL: “Now, Melinda, can you tell me how you first found out that you were a Sorceress?”

MH: “Er, yes.  I was on holiday in Spain and a lady in a market called me a ‘bruja.”

JL: “Which is Spanish for ‘witch’, correct.”

MH nods.  “But, I didn’t think much of it.  Then I met a -er vampire and things got complicated.”  MH blushes.

JL: “Go on.”

MH: “Basically I found out that my late father was a Sorcerer and that meant I was too, I guess.”

JL: “Is it true that you didn’t embrace this new-found gift?”

MH: “Yes, it’s not what I want and I’ve no idea how to cast any decent spells really.”

JL cocks her head: “Could you not join the Coven?”

MH sneers.  “I could, but then I’d have to give up having a life.  And I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy.”

JL looks at her notes.  “You mean Dan Green?”

MH: “Yes.”

JL: “And does he know you had an affair in Spain?”

MH’s eyes widen.  “What?  That didn’t-we were on a break!”

JL: “Uh-huh.”

MH: “That’s none of your business!  Maybe it’s time you left.”  MH points at her apartment door.

JL holds out her hands.  “My apologies Melinda.  I’ll keep that out of the interview.”

MH: “You better.”

JL: “I do have one other question for you?”

MH folds her arms. “What.”

JL: “Will you be leaving the Mortal realm in favour of the Supernatural?”

MH: “No, I don’t think so.  I’m happy as I am.”

JL: “Thank you for your time Melinda and good luck with your future.”

MH: “Yeah, thanks.”


Photo by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash


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