Embarrassing moments.

My friend once had a Great Dane, whose name escapes me, and by coincidence she had neighbours that also had a Great Dane.

One day the neighbours went on holiday and asked my friend if she could look after their dog whilst they were away.  My friend said: ‘Of course, I’d love to.”  Maybe ‘love’ was too strong a word, but she did it anyway.

A couple of days passed without incident and then suddenly the neighbours dog had a bad bout of incontinence.  My friend called the neighbours, who were concerned and asked if she would mind taking their dog to the vets.  Which again, my friend was happy to do, better that then sticking a nappy on the dogs arse, after all.

The next day she visited the vets, whilst her own perfectly healthy Great Dane stayed at home.  The vet was most helpful and said: ‘It’s perfectly normal, in fact it’s quite common for a dog with a large vulva to have this problem.”

To which my friend replied: “Oh right.  I did wonder because its vulva is much larger than mine.”


I can but imagine the vet’s face, as my friend uttered those words, not even realising to begin with exactly what she said.  I’m sure she wished the shiny tiles would swallow her whole or that the vet would offer to put her down.  Now of course she can laugh at it, as age we all know makes us care less about the silly things we say in our youth, and it was a pleasure to hear this amusing tale.




Featured Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash
Middle Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash

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