The Golden Touch

‘The Golden Touch’ is the first completed novel in ‘The Hummer Journals’ series, but I’ve yet to publish it as I aim to complete the second novel ‘Blind Vision’, before I take a giant leap into the empire of E-books.

The novel idea came to me quite a few years ago, when I sat on a pebbly, sunny beach in Spain, but has changed significantly since then.  I hope for the better.


Here is an off-the-cuff piece from my main character Melinda Hummer.  It doesn’t feature in the novel, but hopefully will give you a feel for what the books about. (The genre is Paranormal/Chick-lit with bite and not as saucy or erotic as it might appear.  Just so you know.)

Limbs entwined, skin on skin, lips soft, kissing, biting.  A wave of pleasure followed pain, rode by a deeper pleasure and a sweeter pain.  My mind exploded with colours; blue, green, orange then red.  Deep red, the colour of velvet and blood.  My blood.  

I awoke with a gasp and a yearning in my groin that morphed into guilt.  My fiance was on death row and I was lusting after a vampire.  Who’d done nothing but  re-invade my life and tear it apart.  If I looked up Michael in the thesaurus, it would surely be nestled within arrogant, vain and fastidious.

Sweat laced my brow and dampened my armpits.  I sat up in the dark and unfamiliar room. Rose cottage, HIS home, where he’d abandoned me after our near kiss.  I really shouldn’t be complicating things further.  My priorities were well-out-of-place,  crashing across the cosmos of my mind like colliding planets.

Dan had proposed, he was what mattered.  After all I’d said yes, hadn’t I?

I lifted my hand, the heavy weight of the engagement ring glinting in the moonlight.  I’d made my choice, whether the Supernatural government approved or not.  They hadn’t given a damn for thirty-two years.  What gave them the right to interfere now?  

My fist clenched as I placed chains of titanium around my heart.  Michael was a fling, a stupid hot summer moment, nothing more.  He might have inadvertently opened the Supernatural world to me.  Set me on a path towards the unleashed powers I might possess.  But I chose to walk that path, and right then, I did not.  Would not.  I chose me, and my average life, with my average job and-Dan.  


Middle Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

End Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

Feature Photo by MUILLU on Unsplash



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