Album 1 – Future Islands – Singles

Future Islands are an indie/synth band from America and are perhaps my favorite band at the moment.  Which is why this album released in 2014 is at my number one spot.

They’re quirky and upbeat.  Look them up in YouTube as the lead singer really works the stage and has some mesmerizing dance moves and is full of energy.

Its one of those rare albums which feature on my new to me, but second-hand Ipod as a whole, as I enjoy every song.

This concludes my top 15 countdown of favourite albums which will probably change over the next few years.

If I’ve learned anything from doing the music blog, it is that its hard to write about music.  You can link certain songs and artists to your own memories or perhaps to when you first discovered them, but actually describing how a song sounds, isn’t my bag.

Hopefully if I’ve achieved anything at all, it might be to inspire others to check out these artists for themselves.  Some people will know, but others, perhaps like Future Islands, who don’t exactly hit the mainstream.


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