Kefalonia highlights

This Ionian island was one I always wanted to visit after watching Captain Corellis Mandolin.  Its tranquil beauty and charm was exactly how I’d hope it would be and we have now visited the island three times.

It has its tourist areas with the usual bars and entertainment, but they’re not brash or intrusive, and it is possible to stay away from these areas and find more chilled and local villages and towns.  And you can’t beat a traditional taverna or seaside bar.




I’d recommend visiting Assos near the top of the island, which is a beautiful seaside village with fish restaurants and bars, and a walk up to an old castle.  The winding road down to the village gives spectacular views, but be aware the road to the car park is very narrow through the buildings. It’s best to get their early to assure you can park too.


Fiskardo at the tip of the island, looking over mainland Greece is also worth a visit.  Again a fishing harbour town, with row after row of eateries and also Roman ruins by the sea.


The beaches on the island range from sandy at Skala to pebbles elsewhere.  Two popular beaches which featured in the movie were Myrtos:



And Antisamos:



But there are plenty of other small coves and secluded bays to find:


Other places worth visiting is the fishing port of Sami, which also serves as the ferry port to travel to Ithaka and where you can find the Cave of Drogarati and Melisanni lake.



Tip for the lake, try to go in the afternoon when the sun is shining into the sinkhole to enjoy the full effect of the blue lagoon.

I’d also greatly recommend taking the ferry to Ithaka.  If you hire a car, you can take it on the ferry, which runs every day in season and you can purchase tickets in Sami for the trip.  In the high season the ferry runs until late-about 10pm-so you can spend the entire day exploring the island.  SAM_3039.JPGSAM_2974.JPGSAM_2969.JPG

Kefalonia has thus far managed to retain its laid-back Greek aura which allows you to appreciate the island as it should be seen.  The roads are rarely busy if you decide to hire a car and explore, and there’s plenty to see.  If you love the food, the people and beautiful scenery, then I’d recommend paying it a visit.



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