Album 2 -Above and Beyond – Group Therapy

Above and Beyond are an English electronic dance group, and the founders of Anjunabeats. They make their own albums, dj and promote dance artists, and are my favourite dance anthem band.

I discovered this album the old fashioned way.  My husband and I were browsing the aisles of our local HMV for new music, and they were playing this album on their system.

We were both bopping our heads and commenting on how good it was and bought it that same day.  Thus began my love of Above and Beyond and Anjunabeats.

This album is brilliant from start to finish.  It starts with the instrumental all compassing Filmic, which is exactly that.  A great piece of music which could fit into a movie, maybe as the camera scans across a stunning landscape or as the credits roll.

My favourite song is You got to go, I just love it.

They manage to join trance music with lifting melodies and lyrics and a banging beat.  It’s emotional dance music, perfect to chill or dance too.  It’s uplifting and awesome.  One of my favourite albums ever.

If you like your trance music with emotion, check the album out.


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