Album 3 -Christine and the Queens – Chaleur humaine

This is the debut album from the French born singer/songwriter/producer which came out in late 2014 and is a corker of an album.  One of my favourites and thus why its in my top three albums.

I first heard her when watching the Glastonbury highlights and she was performing Tilted.  Her persona, style and dance moves oozed with talent and I knew that she would be an artist both me and my husband would like.  Slightly quirky and different, not quite in the pop mould, but with an electro/pop/dance style of music.

Chaleur Humaine is also probably the only album we’ve ever bought twice, for the sole purpose of purchasing the bonus edition released later with additional songs and a concert performance held in France.

I’ve yet to listen to her new album, but did again watch her performance at this years Glastonbury on the Iplayer, and again it was full of energy, style and great tunes.

Favourite songs are: Tilted, iT, Science Fiction, and Here.


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