Why the need to shop around?

There’s a couple of times of year which I dread, money related of course, and most of us have probably suffered the same pain as I do.

The first is the annual expiry of my car insurance and the second is when my BT line rental is due to be paid which often coincides with the end of my contract also.

Why oh why, can’t they make it simple? What happened to customer loyalty?  Why make us endure the calls or the quest for a better price online?  Why not say: Hey, you’ve been a great customer sticking with us these past ten years, we’re going to keep your price the same!

That never ever happens.  You can bet the car insurance will go up and not just by a little. Thus begins the trawling insurance comparison sites to find a better deal.

Now, I know all these insurance search engines are meant to make all this easy for you. But it still can take a good half an hour or more typing in all the details they want on your car, your life and everything else sans your bra size, to allegedly get you a good price.

But once you do, you still have to call your old insurance company to cancel them, and of course there’s no ‘free’ phone number or even a local one, and you can rarely cancel online.

I will admit, I still prefer to talk to a human when dealing with these issues, be whatever part of the world they hail from.  But what I don’t get is why it depends on who you speak to in that same company; be it BT or an insurance company, as you get a different response and price every damn time!!



For example:

Me: Hi, I’m calling as my car insurance is due and I’m wondering if I can get a better deal than the one you’re offering me to renew?

Customer assistant:  Can you please tell me your reference number…bla,bla,bla..

Me: My details are bla,bla,bla…

Customer Assistant:  I’m afraid that’s the best deal we have for you at the moment.

Me: But online I can go with Cheapaschips.dotcom and get it for £20 cheaper.

Customer Assistant: That’s the best deal we have.

Me: Seriously?  I’ve been with you for seven years.  Never made a claim, or had an accident, and that’s it?

Customer assistant: The quote we gave is our best.

Me: Okay, well I’m going to take my business elsewhere.

Customer assistant: Is there anything else you’d like help with?

Me: No!  Thanks for nothing!

After this conversation I decided to go with another company, and then I called my old company back to cancel the renewal of my policy.  I spoke to another member of staff and said I want to cancel and they said: Do you want me to check and see if I can get you better deal.

Yep, little too late for that sunshine!!


I’ve had this happen to me so many times, and especially with BT.  In the space of three different phone calls I’ve gone from paying more money to getting a great reduction, it seems to depend on who you speak to.  Why aren’t they all singing from the same song sheet?  I just don’t get it.

They do seem to stick to the same script when it comes to trying to get you to upgrade. Until recently I’ve been on ye old basic broadband, but we have gone to Infinity now, which I must say seems no bloomin better than what I had before.  But the deja vu conversation I used to endure went something like this:

Me: Hi, I’d like to renew my broadband and call package please.

BT: Can I have your account number, bla,bla,bla…

Me: Yes, it’s, bla,bla,bla.

BT: And are you the account holder?

Me: No, but as I’ve told you several times before I pay the bill and deal with all the account.

BT: Okay, let me just update the account to include your name.

Me: I should already be on there!! I’ve done this every year!! And please tell me you have the right email address this time.

BT: Is it bla,bla?

Me: Hallelujah! Yes.

BT: Now, I see you’re on our basic package.  For an extra £20 a month would you like to upgrade to our special infinity package?

Me: Nope.

BT: Can I ask what you use your internet for?

Me: Browsing and streaming.

BT: Ah, so you’d really benefit from upgrading.  We can up your speed to-

Me: Big sigh.  My speed is fine thanks.  If it’s not broke I don’t want it fixed, I have no issues with it.  I just want the same as I have.  Now please for the love of all that’s unholy tell me how much it’d be?!

I may have exaggerated slightly there, but I’m hoping you get the gist.

I’m also hoping someone out there can relate with what I’m trying to say.  Life is short and I really hate the precious time I spend trying to sort these things out.  I wish loyalty stood for something these days.  Why do insurance companies feel they’re justified to put up the prices when we can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere?  What do they gain? Or are they hoping on customers being to lazy to change companies?

Featured Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash





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