Album 5 – U2 The Joshua Tree

This super band need no introduction and are one of my all times favs.

I discovered them in 1993 when the Zooropa album was released. I heard the song Zooropa, and was hooked.  From there I raided my Dad’s album collection and ‘borrowed’ their earlier albums.  I loved them all, and will admit that Bono was my teen idol who wasn’t bad-looking either.

It wasn’t long until I’d purchased every cassette I could of their back catalogue, including dvd’s of their gigs, EP’s and even a bootleg recording of one of their gigs.  I read any book I could find on them, memorised every lyric, bought a t-shirt and joined their magazine subscription.

Such was my addiction to the band, I even became a member of Amnesty international and wrote several letters to countries trying to free wrongly imprisoned nationals, as was the done thing back then.

U2 were my teen obsession, but sadly I never got to see them live.  Living where I do, a trek to London or Manchester, just wasn’t in my budget.  I think the closest they ever came to playing near me was at Glastonbury.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the only album in my top 10. It’s a classic and the first compact disc I bought when my parents bought me my first stereo with a compact disc player.

Whatever you think about the band, this album has to be in there with all the classics.  It’s a fantastic rock album, opening with Where the streets have no name, a stand alone classic, which must be amazing to witness live.  This song ALWAYS has to be blasted out, it’s just so good.

With or without you is a heart-felt ballad, or at least my type of ballad and Bono’s pained voice dipping and rising with passion throughout the song matches The Edge’s unmistakable guitar riffs.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for is again a classic, and as heard on the Rattle and Hum album works brilliantly as a gospel anthem.

An interesting song on the album has to be Exit:  one that starts of so quietly it’s sometimes hard to hear at all and then builds until it rocks out to the end.

I think as a band, they work so well together and have all the elements you need: Edge on guitar or piano, Bono as lead singer and guitar, Adam on bass which in many U2 songs really shines through and to tighten up and complete the band’s founder Larry.  The Joshua tree really shows the talent they possess, and is possible an album produced when they were at the very top of their game.

I could talk about the band and my love for their music for hours, but I think you’d be bored with an old super-fans ramblings.  My fav songs on the album have to be: Where the streets have no name, With or without you, Running to stand still, Exit and in God’s country.  Though I truly love them ALL!!


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