The sun has got it’s hat on, hip hip hip hooray!!

I cruise along the quiet country lanes on my way home from work; hot and sweaty from the heat, car stereo blasting and window down allowing any breeze to filter through.   There’s nothing like the golden glow of our favourite star down on the planet to put you in a good mood.

It makes all things feel possible in life and also makes you crave an ice-cold beer, cider or perhaps an ice cream.  Whatever your taste buds fancy.

It’s also a time when I like to sit in my garden with a good book, if said ‘time’ permits.  I find I like to be outdoors more and away from the pull of technology when the rare hot days roll out, and there’s nothing better than doing exactly that.  Even the doldrums of attending the day job doesn’t hurt as much.  But I must say my writing suffers too.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


I may find inspiration around me and spiel lines of script in my mind, but any further than that is often how it goes.  In fact the turmoil of my life and the choices I’ve had to make recently with my job, have made writing impossible, but I’m hoping now, with Spring upon us and my mind made up, that my muse can crack on a bit.  Even if I have to wait until the golden-yellow ball has cruised down to the horizon, and allowed the night to again reign.

The funny thing I find with hot days coinciding with a holiday weekend, is that the whole family MUST go shopping, from Grandparents to toddlers, they all en mass on the supermarket.  And even though us workers continue to smile and be polite, theses should-be happy holiday makers, tend to be very grumpy.  I mean I get that shopping is never fun and especially if you intend to do so as part of an entourage of screaming kids reaching for delicacies there not allowed and the long debate down the booze aisle over which Prosecco or case of beer to buy.  Still as soon as the chore is down, you back out in the sun, having your barbecue and lets not forget – YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY!!  YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY??!!


Any way let’s embrace Spring and hope it boogie’s on down into Summer with plenty of warm sunny days with maybe the occasional overnight downpour to keep the garden happy.

Featured Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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