Album 10-Fleetwood Mac – Say you Will

Fleetwood Mac are a British- American rock band that formed in 1967.  In their humble beginnings when their founder, Peter Green was a part of the band.  Their sound could be said to be bordering on the blues.  But the group changed, grew and became more a rock and folk band.

The album Say you will was released in 2003.  It’s also their 17th album and their last made as a complete band.   It’s not perhaps their most well known album and possibly not as popular as the classics: Tusk, Tango in the night and their Grammy award-winning album Rumours.

Say you will has all the classic sound of a Fleetwood Mac album.  Real rock thrashing anthems, ballads and folk songs.  Stevie Nicks’ classic voice rips though songs like Everyone finds out but is more subtle telling in telling the story on Illume and Thrown down.  

One of my favourite songs on the album is Come which begins with a lovely acoustic guitar and then crashes in the chorus with some slamming guitar and ends with a fantastic rift.  It bares an almost heavy metal tinge to the track.

Whats the world coming to and Peacekeeper are classic folk style songs and Smile at you again sang by Stevie Nicks is a great story telling song which I love to sing along too.

Overall it’s a great album befitting of a classic Fleetwood Mac album.  If you’re a fan of the band but haven’t heard this album, I’d consider checking it out.


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