Album 12-Seldom Seen Kid-Elbow

I discovered this band when I happened upon them playing with the BBC concert orchestra on the BBC Iplayer.  They played several of the songs from my featured album and as luck would have it, a few weeks later they were due to play a gig at the Plymouth pavilions, which I went too.

Great night, great songs and a good time was had by all.  I left the concert hall filling buoyant and with the songs revolving in my head for a good week later.

Elbow are an English rock band founded in 1997, twenty-one years later they’re still going strong and have seven studio albums under their belt.

The Seldom seen kid won the Mercury Music prize in 2008 and is possibly still their most successful commercial album.  Best known perhaps for the modern-day anthem ‘One day like this’, also the feature tune for the 2008 Olympic games.  It’s a real feel good song, and goes down great at concerts with everyone singing along.

Guy Garvey has a great voice and is a super story-teller and the albums lyrics are quirky, fun and deep.  Great examples are in songs like ‘Grounds for divorce’, which is a real belter and needs to be played loud whilst attempting to sing along.   Another favourite song of mine with great lyrics and melody is ‘Tower Crane Driver.’

Again it’s an album I enjoy from start to finish, perhaps with playing ‘One day like this’ more than once.  Check it out!



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