Album 13-Parov Stelar-Demon Diaries

My husband introduced me to this album and to the genre it falls into known as electro-swing.   It’s a mix of old style swing and jazz merged with electro dance or house music. Parov Stelar is one of the key D.J’s in this genre and has released several albums that mix electro swing with dance music and with even a hint of blues, which can be found on his album The Burning Spider.

To be honest, my favourite songs on this album are more the mellow dance songs then those that lean heavier on the electro-swing, and again the album is a pleasant mix of dance music, from melodic trance to pop, funk and full on electro swing songs.

The album’s first song Demon Dance is a classic electro swing tune and doesn’t fail to get your foot tapping, which is a good introduction to the overall feel of the album.  It’s a true feel good, summer’s day album, which can still be played on a dreary wet day, it may even serve to raise you out of a blue mood.

One of my favourite songs The Sun, is a true feel good song.  It starts with a simple piano solo, followed by the vocalist and then joined by an optimistic synth backing that truly lifts the song to its outro.  The only down side I guess is it’s length, at only 2 minutes and 55 seconds, though I’m sure there are 12 inch remixes of it floating around.

My other three favourite songs are Six feet underground, Walk away, and Golden Arrow. Again the songs are complimented by some beautiful and haunting lyrics and the former song is perhaps the most low tempo song on the album.

Electro swing may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but if you like dance music then give this album a listen.  It’s a good one to introduce you to the genre and has some feel-good summer sun dance songs too.

Also check out these other key electro swing artists: Caravan Palace and Caro Emerald.




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