Music was my first love.

I’ve been inspired to root through our extensive album collection to work out what my top cds might be.  This collection changes often and is eclectic as I like a range of music from dance to rock to alternative, but I’ve managed to whittle it down to the top 15.

My parents were long-haired hippies, in fact so much so you couldn’t tell who was the guy and who the gal, and believe me I’ve seen the photos.  So I grew up listening to music from a young age.  From being taken to festivals like the local Elephant fair where at about age six I danced my way around the stadium.  To my Dad waking me up as a teenager at 6am in the morning with his music blasting.  To them taking me to Butlins for the music weekends.  It’s never left me and even followed me into my relationship with my husband and former DJ, who has also a great passion for music.

My music taste has changed and developed over the years, and can fit my mood or change it.  I went through the dance around my bedroom to Technotronic and Salt n Peppa, to my teenage rock days of Guns and Roses and Metallica, too my cheesy taste in 90’s pop and The Corrs.  The only genre I’ve never been a fan of is Boy bands, although I’ll admit Take That are talented, they’re not just my bag.

The reason I’ve decided to take you on a fortnightly tour of my fav albums is due to a blog I’m reading by amyleef3 who is taking us through a journey of her favourite albums in her Vinyl revolution blogs.  If you like talking about music, please check it out as she has great taste in music and is covering a fantastic range of albums.

So, join me in two weeks time to see my first choice!!


Photo by Jimena on Unsplash
Featured Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash


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