The bad, the rude and the damn right disgusting.

I never intended to start my blog as a platform to be a whiner, but a few experiences I’ve had recently whilst on holiday, have really opened my eyes to the bad side of humanity.

The oblivious: Have you ever walked along a footpath, promenade or pavement and found yourself weaving in and out like a figure skater to avoid everyone else that walks past?  I did and then thought, why?  Why am I ducking and diving to avoid couples, friends and families who want to walk all side by side chatting away, oblivious to anything around them??  I’ve even had to walk on the road to allow others to pass. Solution: Follow a straight line and shoulder barge your way through, unless they’re disabled or with kids and buggies.

The fast and furious: There are many windy roads in Cornwall, which we’re used to navigating and so we find the mountain roads of our holiday destination easy to drive. Except for when other drivers treat it like the Monte-Carlo grand prix and decide to shoot around corners in the middle of the road.  I’m surprised I didn’t have whiplash from jerking to a stop every time my husband hit the brakes to avoid another idiot careen around the bend.  If they’re not doing that, their dragging on your arse, tooting their horn, so that they can pass.  Don’t even think about hesitating for a second either!!   Solution: Grit your teeth and bear it or throw your hands around and toot back.

The Chain-smokers:  I appreciate smoking is a vice and some people can’t stop the compulsion to suck on a cancer stick, but do they really need to light up every five minutes?? And can they not be more considerate of others around them?  Everywhere we went whilst away, we couldn’t avoid smokers: In the apartments next to us, in the restaurants and bars.  We tried to sit away from them all but it was impossible to avoid. The worse experiences we had, was on the beach.  I can’t believe that whilst we sat there, close to the ocean, four women stood in the sea smoking!! There were children playing all around them, including their own and they just flicked ash in the sea or dug their butts in the sand.                                                                                                                   Solution: Cough loudly, pick your nose whilst glaring at them, break wind or in the case of the sea smoking harpies, splash around and get theirs fags wet.


The lazy:  I thought as a world we were getting better at caring for our environment and cleaning up after ourselves.  I know plastic clogging our oceans and destroying our wildlife is often in the news these days and in Cornwall, beach cleans are very popuIar.  I truly hope this will become more familiar globally as the rubbish I found on beaches and even up in the mountains is astounding.


Believe it or not there was a bin inches away from where I found this litter in a car park near the beach.

Another disgusting habit is people stubbing out their cigarette butts on walls and leaving them there again usually close to dustbins!!                                                                                   Solution: No idea, so any suggestions, let me know.


I imagine what I find and see is a mix of locals and tourists, but why do they live like this?  Don’t they get that the lovely country they live in or visit will be ruined by their actions? Spitting on the street, old women writing ‘I woz here’ on walls in broad day light?  In this day and age I’m shocked that such medieval practises still exist.

I do believe steps are being made to improve this issue, smoking’s been banned from the beach at the capital, so let’s hope this theme will spread in a wild-fire of good will and that future generations don’t pick up the bad habits of their elders.  We can only hope.

Featured Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash

Other photos are my own.


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