Pushy Greeters

I’ve recently been on holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, the third largest island in the Canary island archipelago.

Its a very beautiful island with rugged sea cliffs, sand dunes and mountains fit for any cowboy film.

Unfortunately it also has a downside. Pushy greeters or front of house staff.

You know the ones who smile and ask if you want something to eat, or are downright obnoxious and say: Table for two, and gesture to one as if it’s a done deal.

Nothing gets under my skin more than when you’re perusing a menu and have some chap buzzing around like a pesky mosquito. The temptation to slap them with my handbag has often be quite strong especially after a glass of Sangria or two.

I know we get this in every corner of the world, especially in a tourism hotspot and most are quite pleasant and accept no as a no.

But does this tactic work or is it desperation that makes them act that way? We’ve even driven up a mountain road and had the owner of a stall stamp out into the middle of the road to wave us down with a plate of oranges!!

The worst experience I’ve had has been in Puerto Rico, on my most recent holiday.

My family and I, took a stroll around one of the two complexes in Puerto Rico where the majority of bars, shops and restaurants are located. We weren’t particularly hungry or thirsty at that time and were merely scoping out what was on offer.

We passed a few restaurants and got the standard spiel and a No thanks, and pat of the stomach seemed to satisfy them. (The stomach pat is a technique we often use to try and convince them we’ve already eaten, which usually does the trick.)

We passed another restaurant, glanced at the menu and were immediately pounced upon by a young guy who declared how his pretty much empty restaurant was the best.

We said no thank you, and continued walking but he kept pace with my husband still declaring how great the food is. My husband again said No, we’re fine, thank you, and kept walking with us in tow.

The guy tried again and in frustration my husband snapped and said Shut up, we’re just trying to take a stroll.

He must have hit a nerve as gone was Mr Pushy and out came Mr Mad. He pretty much squared up to my husband and ranted in his face that he was rude, and how he didn’t want us in his restaurant anyway and told us to go away. Which greatly amused the staff of nearby restaurants, I guess that type of entertainment isn’t all that common, or maybe it is?

I do appreciate that they’re only doing a job, and it can’t be easy, but surely there are ways of touting for business, and being pushy and arrogant will never endear me to part with my hard earned cash.

I’m also certain there are better ways to promote your business and entice a customer in. I work in retail, and I’m certain that if I followed my customers around and tried to stick items in their trollies, they wouldn’t be best pleased.

I’d be very curious to know if anyone else finds the pushy sales routine irritating or am I just getting old? Has anyone ever had bad customer service or experienced similar to us?

Thanks for reading.

Featured photo by Jan Wennington available on Unsplash.

Centre image by: https://unsplash.com/@vincentvanzalinge


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