CNV00053.JPGI came up with my idea for ‘The Hummer Journals’ when on one of my early holidays to Nerja in Spain.

It’s a beautiful town on the top most coast of the Costa Del Sol and we had lovely weather and a great time for the two weeks we stayed there.  The beaches are more stone than sand, with one large bay and then tiny little bays that weave their way around to the main centre of Nerja, where the Balcon de Europa is located.

The balcon was once a fortress, designed to keep out pirates, but is now a restaurant and a great place to be when the sun is setting into the ocean and sending the high mountains at the back of Nerja a rosy pink.

There are plenty of restaurants serving a variety of cuisine in the area, and also a square called Tutti Frutti, where you’ll find a few nightclubs.  (Unless this has changed as it’s been many years since I visited it.)

One of the walks we loved was a windy path that runs along the coast from Burriana beach to the Balcon de Europa.  It passes by the small coves and aloe vera that blossoms along the coast.  When we went, we weren’t officially meant to walk the path, it was blocked off by a wall, possibly due to part’s of the path being dangerous and maybe due to rock falls. However being the adventurers we are, we clambered over the wall and often walked that way for our evening meal.


There’s plenty to do in and around Nerja too.  There’s the nearby caves, a viaduct and in the hills, the beautiful white-washed and cobble-stoned village of Frigilana.  Another great walk is up the Rio Chiller.  It’s quite a trek up a track to where the river runs, and then it’s a fantastic hike up in the river, where you’ll find a thundering waterfall.  If you continue on, you’ll find the gorge either side narrows and you’ll be walking through a tiny canyon to where the river continues on.




My inspiration for my series, came to me as I sat on Burriana beach one day and blossomed into a full-fledged idea.  Nerja even factors as the location for a prologue novel I want to write where my main character discovers she is a Sorceress and meets the mysterious Michael the vampire.

Nerja is quite a big town and can be noisy and seem built up in areas, but down on the Balcon de Europa, as the sun sets there’s a magic about the place.  It’s a great place to people watch and enjoy the sunset.  And I don’t think I’ll forget how the sunset makes those green mountains glow with such pretty colours.  I hope I get to return their one day.


(Apologies if any of my details or locations have changed, as I’ve not visited Nerja for many, many years.)

Feature Photo by Benedict Park on Unsplash

All in script photos from our holiday.


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