Food fight

I love food, specifically junk food.  Chips, chocolate, crisps; all of that I love. Unfortunately it’s not great for one’s figure, and I’m not going to lie, I’m far from my recommended weight for my height.
So, like many people, I’ve struggled on and off to try to lose weight, avoid junk food, do exercise and all that jazz.
I’m at the beginning of one of those phases again, after jumping on the scales yesterday gave me quite a fright and could possibly give me a heart attack if I carry on with my wicked ways.
My main downfall is willpower, I have none.  If torturing me with a bowl of ice-cream meant given up government secrets, said government would be screwed.
But if only the body were like the mind?  My brain is often overworked, and gets a circuit training style work out daily, even when I’m asleep.  If we could apply that principle to our waist line I’d be as skinny as a french fry-Yum!
Alas the body doesn’t work like that and plain old hard work and hunger will have to do.
Gold star to me for day one at least.  I started with a work out D.V.D- I think my husband burned more calories through laughter than me as I pounced around the living room, certain I was about to give myself a stroke.  And my food intake has been satisfactory-well not for me-but for the Gods of healthy eating it has.
The issue is, I don’t like exercise.  It doesn’t figure as one of my hobbies.  I’ve tried D.V.D’S, games on my console, apps on my phone but I get bored easily and give up.  I’d love to go swimming every day, but I can’t afford to, and I’m not up to confronting a dip in the Atlantic.   It’s barely warm in the Summer!
I’m also not a great believer in joining a weight loss group, or as my friend calls it ‘Fat club’, as I’m not keen on paying for someone to tell me I’m overweight.  I’ve a perfectly good working set of scales for that!
There are plenty of free ways to keep fit and eat healthy by a good old browse online and simple perseverance.  Maybe if I can channel some of my dedication for my writing into the Get-fit-and-healthy direction, I might for once strengthen my will power as well as my muscles.
Wish me luck guys!!
Featured image Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash
Middle Photo by Pixzolo Photography on Unsplash


  1. Hey!! I love food too, and junk food (I have a terrible sweet tooth and I bake!) so I have to think about stay in shape as well. I hate the gym (it always smell gross) but I’ve seriously been thinking about joining one, or maybe doing some classes. Maybe you can try some classes? cause doing a work out in a group setting can be more motivating. I’m also thinking about fining a personal trainer maybe? I don’t know – ah it’s so annoying!

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  2. Lol, pretend you’re a Coeliac for a couple of months and stay the freak away from any and all of that processed GF food – it doesn’t only taste terrible but it’s full of nasty fats and icky stuff. When I was first diagnosed (way, way too many years ago) there wasn’t much in the way of GF foods and certainly no ‘bread’ – I went down two dress sizes in about six weeks, no joke. *sigh* but now I’ve put it all back on again with friends thanks to too many wine and cheese nights (so avoid those too). Best of luck with the challenge!

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