So, we all know that eating beetroot can turn your wee red and that asparagus can make it smell.  But did you also know that eating lobster can make you wee smell too?  Neither did I until my friend informed me of this recently.

Now, I don’t like eating fish, or seafood in any form-maybe that’s the Pisces in me-but my friend a lobster loving muncher, said that for real, her wee smells like fish after consuming lobster.  Strange, huh?  Which had me wondering what other foods do to us when we consume them.  I know that high-fibre food like beans and egg are good to get you trumping and I know that onions hate me in that way too.

Random tip: If you go to Greece try to get whoever your sharing a room with to avoid the Stifado, it may taste great, but the next morning you might be engulfed by a green shallot scented fog.  Ugh, and believe me I know.  If it weren’t for being devoured by mosquitos I would have slept on a sun-lounger by the pool that night.


Back to the blog: So, from my research, I also discovered:

  • Banana’s, salmon and poultry can make your wee smell and even turn it green!!
  • Vegetarian’s smell better than red meat eaters and their skin tone can look healthier too.
  • Carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupes can make your skin glow yellow or orange.
  • Garlic might make you breath stink but is good for body odour.

I’m not sure if from a writing point of view, my research here will inspire my writing, but my mind is full of useless information, so, maybe releasing it here, will allow space for something more worthy.

If anyone else has any stories of food and its unusual effects, please feel free to share them with me!!



Opening Photo by Francis MacDonald on Unsplash
Middle Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

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